We appreciate each piece has sentimental value and its own history, and we don’t take for granted that you trust us with the restoration. Custom upholstery projects are carefully and lovingly restored.

We can fix anything. We do the repair work so there are no sticky drawers or cracks in the wood when you bring your “new” piece home. Bring in your rough, unused pieces of furniture and with a little TLC by our talented team, we’ll give it an up – to – date look. You’ll be able to keep the sentiment of your grandmother’s chair, but with fresh paint and new fabric, the chair will be transformed and of the moment.

Have a piece you want upholstered?

Give us a ring, send us an email or come in to start the conversation. We will need a photo, exact measurements and summary of your refinishing preferences to provide you with a quote.


“I’ve always had a passion for antiques and restoring pieces.”

– Lisa Barsony

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